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User Profile Synchronization not starting – HostId is not registered – Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.Office.Server.Intl.resources

April 5, 2013

I was really stuck for about 2 days with this and the “really helpful” URL log entry System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.Office.Server.Intl.resources

before I was able to recover thanks to a slew of Microsoft PFEs who requested to remain anonymous because they don’t want to fix User Profile synchronization errors for the rest of the lives.


User profile synchronization is one the most fun issues one can encounter in SharePoint.  Specifically, starting it can be a real pain in the neck if it doesn’t just happen without the sprinkling of fairy dust.

I’m assuming that read [and followed] Spencer Harbor excellent Rational Guide. If you didn’t, please stop reading now; follow that to the end and you can donate to my pension fund at another time.

You also need to read this

If you are still reading, then you are in deeper “stuff” than you realize, and your only option is to rebuild your farm from scratch!  I’m just kidding…, but I actually found a few article that suggested exactly that!

If you are sure that all your permissions are set correctly and you are still stuck, there are a few things that you can try:

1. If you are near an open window below the 4th floor, jumping out may not be out of the question.  Do it before lunch, though, or at least 20 minutes post lunch.

Open the the Certificates store for My Computer, and delete the ForeFront certificates where they are.  Personal, Trusted Root Authorities, etc. and try and start the Synchronization service.

3. Do this at least 3 times.  Reboot, restart and then do some sprint cleaning.  hope for the best.

Are you still reading?! oh, boy.  Two more things to mention:

1. Before June 2012 CU, you must use an alias if your Database has an instance name. So, upgrade to June 2012 CU or higher if you hadn’t done that yet.

2. Proxy settings will kill your database connection.  The errors listed above are SharePoint way of saying that it can’t properly communicate with the Synchronization database (hey, product team, how about some error messages that actually stage what’s wrong..)

Here is a link to a hard-to-find article that can get you our of trouble if you have a proxy configured on the servers:


Good luck!  (you’ll need it)


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